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Bye Bye!

Bye Bye!

I am officially ending this blog… but fear not, like the phoenix, we rise again in a new blog depicting my music focused start in the city of Los Angeles.

You can find that at http://musicatlast.wordpress.com

Thank you for following this blog and all the positive/supportive comments I’ve received. I hope to catch you in the future on my new blog page!



How do you measure life?

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Success is when you learn not to wait for the storm to pass but when you have learnt to dance in the rain

via How do you measure life?.

Video Mashup

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This is a video compilation of all the vlogs I did over my two years in Peace Corps Senegal. You get a glimpse of my friends, the places I lived and the strange hair do’s I had.

March 2013 – Final Video Blog!

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After 2 years and 2 months in Senegal the moment has arrived, my final video blog. I want to thank all those who watched and commented! It’s been one heck of a journey, but one absolutely worthwhile. If anyone is thinking about doing the Peace Corps, don’t think twice – its the right decision.

Xmas 2012 in Guinea Conakry!

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A video and picture mashup of our Guinea Conakry trip over Xmas and New Years.

November 2012

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I talk about what’s been going on in the past several months – Moving to the town of Karang, changes in host families, chicken coop project and many more things!

Sjoerd comes to visit me in Senegal

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My best friend Sjoerd came to visit me in Senegal for a week, we talk about our adventures and misadventures! He gives us his words of wisdom on Senegal: “its dirty and unfinished…”